Have you ever stopped and just pondered how incredibly insignificant you are? How insignificant we all are? That 500, 1000 years from now it won’t matter who you loved, hated, were friends with. That all your wishes, fantasies, and everything won’t have any merit? That out of seven billion people on this planet, you’re one person? I personally don’t think anyone has a predetermined purpose in life, or that we were individually created for some purpose. I think that you make your own purpose. You determine what your life is going to be for, be it family, children, your wife, or whatever you desire. The fact that in this shitshow chaotic thing we call evolution, I exist is just fucking ridiculous. The fact that we all exist is crazy. Not as a human species existence, but as individual beings. The fact that I’m one of these 7 billion people is just absolutely amazing. It’s unspeakably unlikely. Years and years from now, we all won’t matter. And I think that’s just fucking beautiful.